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Star Wars Millennium Falcon 3D Model

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon 3D project almost finishes.  The construction of this 3D model can be seen in my video below.

YouTube Preview Image

Millennium Falcon rendered images…


Star Wars Millennium Falcon Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon VS other Star Wars star ship…

Star Wars Star Ships

Star Wars Star Ships

Star Wars – Millenium Corvette 3D Construction

My next project is to construct a 3D CAD model of another Star Wars spaceship – the Millennium Falcon for my online 3D Printing Shop. Anybody interested to print (3D printed) this model can do so – especially if you are a Star Wars fanatic.

Just to share the Millennium Falcon 3D creation process in the video below.

YouTube Preview Image


Model: Millenium Falcon (Star Wars)
CAD Software: Solidworks 2009


Star Wars: Ship Size Comparision

I have always been interested to see the size difference between various Star Wars star ships and I think it will be cool to see it in 3D. For now, let see the size comparison between the star ships that I have modeled – Corellian Corvette, X-Wing and Tie-Fighter.

Star Wars Models Dimension - 1

Star Wars Models Dimension - 2

Star Wars Models Dimension - 3

The X-Wing 3D Model

This is my latest Solidworks project – 3D Model of the X-Wing Star Fighter (Star Wars).

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