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Solidworks Terminology

Solidworks employs many term that will be recognize from design and manufacturing such as cuts and bosses.  So, here is some of the term that you need to know.

All cuts, bosses, planes and sketches  created are considered Feature.  Sketched features are those based on sketches – boss and cut.  Applied features are based on edges or faces – fillet.

Planes are flat and infinite and represented on the screen with visible edges.  Planes are used as the primary sketch surface for creating boss and cut features.

Sketch In Solidworks

Sketch In Solidworks

The name sketch are used to describe a 2D profile in Solidworks.  Sketch are created on flat faces and planes within the model.  Although they can exist independently, they are generally used as the basis for bosses and cuts.

An extrusion will extend a profile along a path normal to tthe profile plane for the distance decided.  The movement along the path becomes the solid model.

Solidworks Extrude Feature

Solidworks Extrude Feature

Bosses are used to add material to the model.  All bosses begin with a sketch.  The critical feature is callled the Base feature and is always a  boss.  After the base feature, bosses may be added as many as needed to complete the design.

A cut is the opposite of the boss.  It is used to remove material from the model.  Same as the boss, cuts begin as 2D sketches and remove material by extrusion, revolution or other methods.

Fillets And Rounds
Fillets and rounds generally added to the solid and not the nsketch.  Solidworks will knows whether to create a round (removing material) or a fillet (adding material).

Design Intent
It is how the model should be created and change.  Relationships between features and the sequence of their creation all contribute to design intent.

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