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The X-Wing 3D Model

This is my latest Solidworks project – 3D Model of the X-Wing Star Fighter (Star Wars).

Solidworks Terminology – Design Intent

So, what is your Design Intent when creating your part / 3D data?

The meaning of Design Intent is your plan on how the model that you created should behave when it is changed.  Example, you model a boss with a blind hole in it, the hole should move when the boss is moved.

Also in the case of circular pattern of six equally spaced holes.  The angle between these holes should change automatically if the number of holes change to eight.  The techniques use to create the model determine how and what type of design intent captured.

In order to use a 3D CAD software like Solidworks effeciently, the design intent must be considered before modeling.

Design intent is the plan as how the model should behave when a change is made.

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