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Animation Experiment – From Solidworks 3D Data

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Animation experiment project – create an animation using 3D CAD data and Windows Movie Maker.  How to do this?

  1. Create the 3D model (in this case – my fiction robot head).  I use Solidworks to create the 3D model.
  2. Render the data using Photoworks and save it as jpg format.   Use the ability of the CAD software to rotate and move.  Capture every small movement and save it as jpg (or other picture format).  You may need 30 to 40 images for a smooth 6 sec animation.
  3. Import the images to the Windows Movie Maker and set the frame timeline to the minimum it can be…..then you get your own 3D animation.

For this experiment – 37 image/frame to create a 6 sec animation/movement.

So, any CAD operator and Engineer using CAD software…..with some creativity, we can have some fun.


3D model provides much more detail to Designers and Engineers so that can communicate product information & visualize complex parts assemblies clearly.  The 3D model data can be transferred for analysis and validation tools and it can be use for CAM as well.  All this capability increases the accuracy of results and saves time by eliminating the need to re-create data.

The main goal for using 3D modelling programs is to reduce the time needed to get new products to market.  Other objectives include meeting consumer demand for new products, to improve product performance to enhance product quality and addressing increasingly complex customer requests.  In many cases, purchasing of 3D modelling programs just to keep up with competition.

3D modelling programs are easy to learn and a lot of information on the benefits of 3D.

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