Choosing The Best Profile In Solidworks

It is important to choose the best profile to start with when model in your 3D data in Solidworks.  Look at the example part below.  I will suggest to you how to chose the best profile to start with.

Sample Part

Sample Part

Graphic below show 3 potential profiles to choose from when you want to start creating the 3D data of this part with Solidworks.  Although any of these 3 choices could be used to create the model, some are better than others.  So the best profile will be chosen and used to sketch the base model.

3 Potential Profile to select

3 Potential Profile to select

Profile A
This is the ” L ” shape edge of the model and it provides a good basic shape.  But if we select this profile as the base of the model, there will be an extra work to shape the round edge (fillet) and the hole.

Profile B
This profile will provides rectangular solid body, much larger than the model itself.  It would require many cuts and bosses to remove or add material, create the details and complete the model.

Profile C
This is the best profile (in my opinion).  We only needed 2 other bosses to complete the basic shape.  A cut and a fillet would complete the task.

Best Profile For Basic Shape

Best Profile For Basic Shape

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